That irresistible four letter word!

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Before you whip up concoctions and jump to conclusions, we’d like to state that “food” is the irresistible four letter word we are talking off….

The Madras Book Club together with the Prakriti Foundation, recently organized the launch of Mita Kapur’s book “The F-Word” at Taj Connemara, Chennai. If you think it’s a run-of-the-mill cook book we are talking about, you are sadly mistaken!

This debutante author has come out with a deliciously funny book revolving around food and the magical experience of cooking. Many readers will identify with the central character, a modern day juggler–today’s working woman! The book is all about typically Indian priorities: family, friends, fun, feasting, functions, festivities and of course, food! 

Apart from a delicious bunch of recipes, it’s a window into the world of a modern working woman, trying desperately to whip up nutritious meals for her family amidst tall demands for gourmet cuisine and her Herculean effort at by-passing the omnipresent junk food! 

This is no conventional cook book peppered with recipes, but the author’s attempt at sharing the tasty tit-bits from her life.

This book on hearth and home is a chaotic culinary cruise you can definitely chomp and chew on! Mita Kapur heads the literary agency “Siyahi” and is a freelance journalist, better known for her thoughtful comments on social and developmental issues. 

Apart from this, she is also the essential foodie, with an in-depth knowledge of cuisines and cooking techniques…

The F-Word
(Harper Collins)

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