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An Unexpected Love Affair With Bhutan

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELLER INDIA, May 19, 2015 Bhutan happened to me rather strangely. During a seven-minute conversation at the Jaipur Literature Festival, surrounded by a surging mass of humanity at Diggi Palace, I found myself agreeing to organise a literature festival in Thimphu. Suddenly a place that seemed inaccessible became central to my life. Embroiled in the logistics of planning a festival, I had little time to research the place itself. Three breezy insights planted in my mind by a friend […]

The food trail

Seminar, August 2014 AND the instructions were, ‘When you reach SBBJ Bank under the giant peepal tree, turn left into this by-lane, keep going till you reach an intersection where you should ask for Churoko ka rasta. The moment you turn into this lane, there are two kachoriwalas opposite each other. The one on the right sells the authentic table tennis ball sized heeng kachoris which will be a transformative epicurean experience for you.’ What I wasn’t warned was that […]

Mita Kapur’s The F-Word

  Muse India, May-June 2011 Book Review by Ambika Ananth Mita Kapur THE F-WORD New Delhi : HarperCollins, a joint venture with The India Today Group. Pp- 235, Price- Rs.599. An intensely alive spirit in the book With a tongue-in-cheek, naughty, enticing, exciting title like “The F-Word,” the book has jouissance, juice and joviality to make it a good read. This one is an outcome of a confluence of many facets of a wholesome woman – that of […]

Rajasthan’s Vanishing Royal Cuisine

Rajasthan’s Vanishing Royal Cuisine Into the Fire – Rajasthani Royal Cuisine, 21 March 2011 Laal Maas, Govind Gattas, Doodh ke Samose, Kaleji ka Raita, Khad Khargosh, Khargosh ki Mokal, Lahsoon ki Kheer… the aromas wafted over from the kitchens of our royal neighbours in Jaipur every day, bearing with them the gossamer heritage of warrior traditions, hunting expeditions, ceremonial repasts. More than 25 years later, when I see restaurants serve up yet another watered down version of Jungle Maas […]

The F-Word by Mita Kapur

bookreviews, 11 March 2011 The first time I heard of this book was from Kiran who said that this book got her into kitchen 🙂 she was all praises of the book and being a foodie having cooking as one of the hobbies it promptly went into my must reading list…I bought it on the first chance I had and went along with Mita for a ride in her world…. BTW if u are still confused the F in the […]

Deli Delights

India Today Women, January 2011

Book Shelf

More food, less work!

I’m posting this as I await a courier of The F-Word – my book, to reach me… ‘Don’t eat the crap they serve on the flight. I’m making prawn curry for lunch…keep your hunger for it.’ Surely boss – who wouldn’t? So I starved, surviving only on two cups of coffee since 6 am. Goa it was and half my friends couldn’t believe that some people went to a place like this for work – the only divine work trip […]


I’m beginning to cookfixiate. Climbing down from office straight into the kitchen gave me reason to think like that. My tech consultant called, ‘You need to sort out the author’s categories better.’ ‘I’m in the kitchen, cooking mutton qorma.’ ‘At 10.30 am?’ ‘Yes, there’s a dinner at home today and I really don’t know what am I doing in the kitchen on a working day.’ Wicked cackle – ‘Oh, that’s the housewife in you breaking out.’ The onions were turning […]