The F-Word

About the Book

This book is a madcap account of a working woman who spends all day – and sometimes, most of the night -juggling family, friends, long distance phone calls and food. How do you serve up a nutritious yet delicious meal to a large family of individuals of varying ages and with extreme differences in taste? How can you convert a carnivore into a lover of greens? What is the trick to adapting a great tasting but swimming-in-oil restaurant special so it keeps the punch and loses the grease? And above all, what does a woman do to keep them all – partner, children, in-laws, pals–healthy and happy at the same time, without quietly going out of her mind?

A chaotic culinary romp with unexpectedly tender moments, The F-Word is packed with seriously good recipes to suit every taste, however conservative or weird!

‘A feisty, fun journey into food world. Staying Indian to the core, yet international in narrative, Kapur whips up culinary delights garnished with personal stories of joy. One can feel lush kebabs moulded in one’s hands, savour the heady aroma of a robust soup and fly on a chocaholic high. Along the way, we meet family and friends in elegant salons, nostalgic kitchens and delightful holidays. The F-Word comes from the heart and onto the table with the supreme indulgence of an unabashed foodie.’ – Wendell Rodricks