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A tale of many stories

Verve, March 2011

A Waft of Tradition

Better Homes, March 2011

‘The F Word’ by Mita Kapur, 10 March 2011 The F-Word’ by Mita Kapur is the book I am reading during my weekly bus trips from Bandra to CBD, Belapur (at home I am too obsessed with twitter n facebook, visiting links and blogs which hardly leaves me any time to read the printed hard bound book, Alas!) and Mita takes us through her food journey with memoirs that are delightful to read.  Excerpt *”You are greying at the temples. Shouldn’t you color your hair?” “No. I […]

Rajasthan’s Vanishing Royal Cuisine

Rajasthan’s Vanishing Royal Cuisine Into the Fire – Rajasthani Royal Cuisine, 21 March 2011 Laal Maas, Govind Gattas, Doodh ke Samose, Kaleji ka Raita, Khad Khargosh, Khargosh ki Mokal, Lahsoon ki Kheer… the aromas wafted over from the kitchens of our royal neighbours in Jaipur every day, bearing with them the gossamer heritage of warrior traditions, hunting expeditions, ceremonial repasts. More than 25 years later, when I see restaurants serve up yet another watered down version of Jungle Maas […]

The F-Word by Mita Kapur

bookreviews, 11 March 2011 The first time I heard of this book was from Kiran who said that this book got her into kitchen 🙂 she was all praises of the book and being a foodie having cooking as one of the hobbies it promptly went into my must reading list…I bought it on the first chance I had and went along with Mita for a ride in her world…. BTW if u are still confused the F in the […]