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A Waft of Tradition

Better Homes, March 2011

Wearing a whole new attitude

Deccan Herald, 19 February 2011 Why does it matter so much as to whether you wear a sari or a business suit to work? Mita Kapur dissects the politics of power dressing The debate on sartorial reticence versus exhibitionism is buffered by an annoyingly deep-rooted mental conditioning which makes us look at a woman as an object that must have a certain adherence to appearances. We must, by sheer force of habit, comment on what so-and-so is wearing and […]

More food, less work!

I’m posting this as I await a courier of The F-Word – my book, to reach me… ‘Don’t eat the crap they serve on the flight. I’m making prawn curry for lunch…keep your hunger for it.’ Surely boss – who wouldn’t? So I starved, surviving only on two cups of coffee since 6 am. Goa it was and half my friends couldn’t believe that some people went to a place like this for work – the only divine work trip […]

Fashion with a conscience

Bibi Russell showcases traditional Indian fabric in the West. Fashion has to be affordable while being eclectic, stylistic and wearable. A strict eye on quality control, especially USE of chemical dyes, is routine. IT is not every day that new yarns are spun in the glitzy world of haute couture; a yarn that makes a weaver’s hand loom a style statement. Bibi Russell’s show in Jaipur, “Renaissance Weaves” put the weavers in the front rows to be showered with applause […]