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An Unexpected Love Affair With Bhutan

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELLER INDIA, May 19, 2015 Bhutan happened to me rather strangely. During a seven-minute conversation at the Jaipur Literature Festival, surrounded by a surging mass of humanity at Diggi Palace, I found myself agreeing to organise a literature festival in Thimphu. Suddenly a place that seemed inaccessible became central to my life. Embroiled in the logistics of planning a festival, I had little time to research the place itself. Three breezy insights planted in my mind by a friend […]

Once, a lotus petal fell here

It’s time again for everyone’s favourite sensory overload in Rajasthan. In the mela grounds, I asked a foreigner if I could sneak a peek at the day’s programme she was reading. She looked me straight in the eye and said, “Rs5 please.”
This was Pushkar, after all, and we burst into peals of laughter, which merged with the bells ringing on camel carts lined up at the fringes of the grounds.