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BookChums’ Interview With Mita Kapur

BookChums Food and family mean the world to Mita Kapur. It’s no surprise that both her passions found her way into her first book,The F-Word, which is a part travel, part recipe and part memoir. This book should truly be bought and reread by every foodie, as it is multi-dimensional and a textured read. We talk to this freelance journalist, founder-CEO of Siyahi, a literary consultancy, who apart from providing creative and professional help to new writers believes firmly in cooking […]

BookChums’ Review : The F-Word

BookChums, Feb 15, 2012

Food for thought

Ahmedabad Times, 30 August 2011  

What’s with The F-Word?

Ahmedabad Mirror, 29 August 2011

Mita Kapur’s The F-Word

  Muse India, May-June 2011 Book Review by Ambika Ananth Mita Kapur THE F-WORD New Delhi : HarperCollins, a joint venture with The India Today Group. Pp- 235, Price- Rs.599. An intensely alive spirit in the book With a tongue-in-cheek, naughty, enticing, exciting title like “The F-Word,” the book has jouissance, juice and joviality to make it a good read. This one is an outcome of a confluence of many facets of a wholesome woman – that of […]

‘The F Word’ by Mita Kapur, 10 March 2011 The F-Word’ by Mita Kapur is the book I am reading during my weekly bus trips from Bandra to CBD, Belapur (at home I am too obsessed with twitter n facebook, visiting links and blogs which hardly leaves me any time to read the printed hard bound book, Alas!) and Mita takes us through her food journey with memoirs that are delightful to read.  Excerpt *”You are greying at the temples. Shouldn’t you color your hair?” “No. I […]

The F-Word by Mita Kapur

bookreviews, 11 March 2011 The first time I heard of this book was from Kiran who said that this book got her into kitchen 🙂 she was all praises of the book and being a foodie having cooking as one of the hobbies it promptly went into my must reading list…I bought it on the first chance I had and went along with Mita for a ride in her world…. BTW if u are still confused the F in the […]


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The F Word by Mita Kapur

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