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Its About Collective Conscience, Not Gender

DNA, 10th March, 2012        

Wearing a whole new attitude

Deccan Herald, 19 February 2011 Why does it matter so much as to whether you wear a sari or a business suit to work? Mita Kapur dissects the politics of power dressing The debate on sartorial reticence versus exhibitionism is buffered by an annoyingly deep-rooted mental conditioning which makes us look at a woman as an object that must have a certain adherence to appearances. We must, by sheer force of habit, comment on what so-and-so is wearing and […]

A Scream In The Silence

A horrific gangrape in Rajasthan raised a rare tide of support for the victim, says MITA KAPUR THERE WERE about a hundred and fifty of them. Heads covered in flaming reds, burnt oranges, shocking pinks to hide their faces. Arms raised and fists curled tight. One breast-fed her child as she joined the chorus, “Para Devi ko nyay do, nyay do. Hosh mein aao, hosh mein aao.” The woman next to me murmured quietly, “There was no such demonstration when […]