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Food for memories

The Asian Age, February 20, 2016 Mita Kapur has brought together 23 diverse experiences of food in her latest anthology, with writers choosing different literary forms to give the reader a peek into their food memoirs.   There is something extraordinarily visual about the whole food experience. You may not see it, but each time you listen to someone describe a rare food place, each time you read a recipe broken into the tiniest little piece, there is a clear […]

Chillies and Porridge

Bengaluru, February 19, 2016 Food Lovers – Spring (Quarterly)


Verve Magazine, February 3, 2016 The founder and CEO of Siyahi, India’s leading literary consultancy firm, and one who has written for Verve in the past, Mita Kapur’s book Chillies and Porridge: Writing Food celebrates the most vital ingredient of life — food. With essays by Bachi Karkaria, Floyd Cardoz, Janice Pariat, Jerome Marrel, Kai Friese, Mamang Dai, Manu Chandra, Nilanjana S Roy, Saleem Kidwai, Sidin Vadukut, Srinath Perur, Tara Deshpande and Wendell Rodricks, the book explores experiences with food […]

Why khichdi makes for great food porn

The Times of India, February 7, 2016 Take a close look at the most popular posts on food instagrams, they’re all about the emotional connect, writes Mita KapurI want to live the life of a professional food Instagrammer. It’s my next happy place. I want my life ruled by hashtags: #food, #foodporn, #foodgasm, #foodie, #instafood, #travel, #picoftheday, #foodstagram and it goes on! It’s a thriving sub-culture and apart from that, it’s nurturing the growth of insta-entreprenuers.I follow @New_Fork_City, which has […]

How Does One Get Published? Can a Literary Agent Help? Here Are the Answers

‘If you have the words, there is always a chance that you’ll find the way.’—Seamus Heaney


From a new food anthology to a biography on salt and novels with culinary magic, Shivani Kagti lists must-reads for those with an appetite for good food and books.

Kitchen chronicles

The Week, January 10, 2016 Vijaya Pushkarna The cooks have become chefs, and the chefs, master chefs. When they throw in some blogs, books, articles and TV shows on what they cook, serve, eat and love, food becomes much more than what fills the tummy. From fond family memories and history, to spice trade and tricks of the trade, to gardens, orchards and all things green, food lovers tell these stories through food. One such story comes from Wendell Rodricks, […]

Revisiting The Kitchens of Childhood

The Sentinel, January 9, 2016 The experience of food can mean different things for different people. But it’s the one thing that instantly brings people together – as a family, as friends, even as strangers who quite unexpectedly get to share a table. It opens up silences and creates shared moments. Chillies and Porridge, an anthology of stories, reminisces and essays, put together by food writer and columnist Mita Kapoor, and published by Harper Collins, shares a treasure trove of […]

What’s on your plate?

Sakal Times,January 3, 2016 ‘Today I am going to teach you an easy tender coconut jelly,’ Tia Rosa told me one hot summer morning. Damudor had plucked the matured coconuts the day before and was requested by Tia Rosa to bring down three tender coconuts as well. Now they lay gleaming like polished, waxed footballs larger than my face. With expert flicks of her wrist, Carmeline the maid exposed the Calangute white, sand-coloured flesh, scooping the top off in sabre […]

Food, glorious food

Rice to the occasion: Children walk through terraced paddy fields near the Assam-Arunachal border Photo: Ritu Raj Konwar