For the Love of Food

Yuva Magazine, 27 November 2010

It’s no secret that food lovers will be rushing to pick up Mita Kapur’s The F-Word. The ‘F’ of course, stands for food – from kebabs and noodle salad to Goan curry and mud cake, you’ll find easy recipes for them all. In between these lists of delicacies, you’ll read about the heroine of the book who loves to eat and also loves to feed others. CM (Chhoti Mamma) is a woman with a big family, juggling work, friends and food. Badgered by the culinary (and other) demands of her food-obsessed family, CM swings between papad, peanuts and pepperoni every day. Shobhaa De says, “The F-Word is a literary ‘bhojan’ to be enjoyed with friends, lovers and family, too!” We couldn’t agree more.

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