Chillies walk the Town: Part 1

This walk isn’t for the faint hearted. You walk the streets of Jaipur as the Chillies – feisty, fiery, adventurous. Because you love to delve into the unknown and undiscovered, explore old as if it’s new, tradition because it’s a classic, and sacred because you like mystery. The visual dance of colours, the whiffs of fresh ginger and coriander, and the crunch of texture against your palate come alive in the heady fix of food just hot from a tawa –  this food walk will take you to the hidden alcoves of Jaipur’s food terrain.

You can look forward to a hearty–though deep fried–breakfast experience, at once spicy, savoury and sweet: starting at one of the cult Rajasthani places before moving to sample a delicacy which has existed since the time of the Nawabs. We’ll then take you past the major squares of our walled city to taste some popular savoury snacks freshly prepared right before you. Winters are when peanuts, jaggery and sesame are swirled together to produce the richly textured gajak, which will warm your insides at our next stop. We then take you to a temple where we fill you in on the legends associated with prasad (sweet meats believed to have been blessed by Lord Krishna himself), before walking through a traditional vegetable and food supplies market, where you will hear how the calls of the sellers resonate to create music. We end at a shop that has been around since the 1800s, when it enjoyed the patronage of the ruling royal family. Here, you will conclude your food adventure with a digestive sweet whose flavours will boggle your mind and taste buds.

On the way you are sure to gobble greedily our nuggets of food history, while peeping into the old havelis as we trundle along. You will learn about Jaipur what no site on Google can reveal. You will taste history in a way that no tour guide can provide, because we tell you tales as people who love the city – its narrow alleys, little windows and grand arches, painted gates, old walls, forts and palaces, and all that they stand for. More importantly, we love our food traditions – no ingredient is present in a dish without a unique function to perform. You are in for a never told before food story and its multiple narratives.

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